La Cucaracha!

Submitted by silverbreeze February 2nd, 2010

Everyone has their own opinion on “la cucaracha” – waterbug – palmetto bug – cock roach…..But I think this one is HOT !

It’s a sterling silver pin that’s been inlayed with Jasper (quartz, kinda) and made (where else) in Taxco, Mexico and is a LIFESIZE 2 1/2″ long . More Kreepy (and not so creepy) Kritters are available at .

Look at those antennae twitch-ummm food !

4 Responses to “La Cucaracha!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not one for cucarachas in any genre be it insect or musical (La Cucaracha has always driven me nutty, especially when any Mariachi strolls by my table and interrupts my burrito fest). But if I were going to develop a relationship with one it would be this pin.