Kissing Game (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)

Submitted by jack February 3rd, 2010
Love Is In The Hair

This is a Valentine’s Day themed pocket game from the 70s. To use it you pull the lever on the bottom and the faces of the boy and girl spin around very quickly. When you are ready to stop it you push the button on the side. If you are lucky both will be kissing, but the odds are against you. More than likely one or both of them will be mad or crying. Nobody ever said love was easy.

One Response to “Kissing Game (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)”

  1. Allee Willis

    So 1970s! In color palette, illustration style and sensibility.

    I love that the couple can get mad or start crying. So romantic!

    I’ve never seen a game like this so props given for relative rarity.