Heart Cupid Valentine (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)

Submitted by Peter Kimmel February 4th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerLove Is In The Hair

My late girlfriend, Pamela, made this baby for me one Valentine’s Day, circa 1980. The Cupid baby is made from recycled pantyhose stuffed with cotton and sewn into shape, including dimples on the knees. The heart is of red satin.

4 Responses to “Heart Cupid Valentine (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)”

  1. Allee Willis

    THIS IS COMPLETELY INSANE!! God bless Pamela for bestowing this upon you so we all have a chance to see it now. Nothing I like better in a kitsch universe than a good stuffed pantyhose, not to mention one whose face looks like the illegitimate child of a baked potato and a breast. Throw in the fact that the face is stuck in the belly as opposed to on top of the heart and this makes this an individual vision and a shoo-in for a Love Is In The Hair award!

  2. denny

    I used to manage a gift shop in PA and we sold a lot of “Panty Hose Babies”. I always thought they reminded me of potatoes.

  3. Peter Kimmel

    Thanks Allee,

    Yes, God bless Pamela. She was the best. She made a couple of ‘panty hose babies’ Xmas tree babies as well for her mother’s tree. We also made a couple of wonderful old style clothes pin soldier and ballerina ornaments back then. Sweet and lovely! I will post these as I am able to. Thank you so much for appreciating these cherished items.