Mino “Amor Mio” (fantastic lost video footage of the world’s best singer)

Submitted by denny February 4th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Ladies and Gentlemen…….I give you MINA! To think that Liza Minnelli once said that this was the world’s next best singer. Video like this makes me nuts. I can’t get enough of Mina, it’s like she can cast this spell upon you, sucking you in and making you want to sit at her feet and worship all that is Mina! All hail Mina!

One Response to “Mino “Amor Mio” (fantastic lost video footage of the world’s best singer)”

  1. Allee Willis

    This video is especially notable for the escalating video effects that start at the first chorus as well as the liberties taken with lipsyncing and the uncontrolled headshaking that goes on when emulating vibrato. I would also call attention to the short staccato instrumental, both musically and star-wise.

    During the intro I thought for sure she was going for the Dusty Springfield effect but as soon as the actual song began I realized she worshipped more at the feet of Abba.