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Ann-Margret 8 Track

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In 1981 Ann-Margret jumped on the Disco Band Wagon and recorded a Disco Album

Her song Love Rush got some play in the clubs but Donna Summer didnt have any worries

This is an un-opened 8 Track – Never Played of Ann-Margret’s Disco Album

3 Responses to “Ann-Margret 8 Track”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love 8-tracks. I love Ann-Margret. So what’s not to love here?!

    I never even knew this was out. And I was SO aware of everything out in those days as I was getting over 100 songs of mine cut a year, many in the beloved Disco genre once “Boogie Wonderland” exploded about a year before this 8-track came out. So I’m shocked I never even heard of this as A-M was pretty kitschy and my ear was to the ground on anything kitsch.

    I love the photo of Ann Margaret, about as un-Disco-y as it can get. Always a great sign of kitsch when the photo has absolutely nothing to do with the genre of music it’s putting on a pretty face for.

  2. rustyamo

    C’mon Allee – she is A Kitten With A Whip – did you expect glitter face – it’s all vegas – need to promote Ann-Margret not the album LOL

    She even perfomred her big number Love Rush on her Hollywood Movie Girl TV special

    It’s Disco Vegas all the way

    She is glitter and glam that makes this straight boy stand up and take notice

    She really knows how to Turn The Beat Around – she wears spandex like no one can……

    And if you want to see Johnny Carson pop his eyes out – check this out–nj0&feature=related

    There is a reason she is my all time favorite