Vintage 60’s Hair Style as Modeled by Jean Shrimpton

Submitted by denny February 8th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

It was the 60’s in London and apparently it was all the rage to put things under the hair and combing it over whatever prop was used. A small box was used here with Miss Shrimpton’s hair. I think this was for a ‘Harper’s Bazaar” photo shoot. This is the ultimate in 60’s hair art.

One Response to “Vintage 60’s Hair Style as Modeled by Jean Shrimpton”

  1. Allee Willis

    WOW, I’ve seen trillions of photos of Jean Shrimpton as there would’ve been no 1960s without her but I’ve never seen her with this towering edifice hairstyle. God only knows what I was trying with my hair back then that this is the first time I’ve learned that they were sticking objects in there and building hair shapes around them. I wasn’t exactly the type to read Vogue magazine or I guess it wouldn’t have taken me 50 years to behold (and want to emulate with the long side of my hair) this beautiful hair.