Dolores Hart Autograph

Submitted by rustyamo February 9th, 2010
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Dolores Hart was a young beautiful actress in the late 50’s – early 60’s, who was being compared to Grace Kelly

She co-starred with Elivs and made the campy classic Where The Boys Are – she had it all – or did she?

Engaged but lost – she found religion and in 1963 Dolores gave it all up and became a nun – keeping her name as per her mothers request – she went on to a full life and is still living in the Abbey in CT

If you write to Mother Dolores at the Abbey she will write back and even sign autographs

In 2006, she visited Hollywood again after 43 years in monastery to raise awareness for peripheral idiopathic neuropathy disorder, a neurological disorder that afflicts many Americans, including herself. i heard she was also going to see her friend Mariette Hartley in a show – I told a select few and we went to the theatre in hopes of seeing and meeting her – she was gracious and signed autographs and took pictures with us

Here is one of the photos I got signed that day

9 Responses to “Dolores Hart Autograph”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was SUCH a “Where the Boys Are” FREAK in my impressionable years so I’m most familiar with Ms. Hart. But she always seems so pained and serious in her films so she was never my favorite character. And then she went and became a nun which scared me even more. I do, however, recognize the skill involved in procuring an autograph from her. And to see the more recent photo of her in all her nun-ness is a real trip.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Was “Where the Boys Are” the movie that Johnny Carson was in that they used to refer to on the “Tonight Show” to jokingly salute his movie career?

  3. rustyamo

    i am glad my dolores hart kitsch brought back good memories amd got a dsicusion going
    some time back 20/20 did a interesting piece on her – she was very honest and has a sense of humor
    i am working on a picture of dolores, paula prentis and connie francis from the movie – just need connie’s signature to comlete the photo

    • Mark Milligan

      I remember that 20/20, and I’m was going to mention that I’d seen a show about her, but I couldn’t remember what it was. Thank you rustyamo!

  4. rustyamo

    i still have the 20/20 interview – it is on a dvd with other stuff – for some reason her story interested this jewish boy …i have heard she was writing her autobiogrpahy – i hope its true

  5. Mark Blackwell

    i just looked her up – a couple of years ago she held a “Breakfast with Mother Dolores Hart” at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, during which she told her story: “He Led Me Out into an Open Space; He Saved Me Because He Loved Me: The Journey of Mother Dolores Hart to Regina Laudis.” that would’ve been a good breakfast, i’ll bet.