2 Responses to “Dream Vacation Thing”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is one of my favorite kind of objects when it comes to Kitsch artifacts. What the hell is it? I’m going to assume a bank but what a clunky thing if you have to twist that cork out every time just to drop a few coins in. With that busy of a design you would think they could have poked a slot in there so she didn’t look like the alien was protruding out of her pregnant belly.

    In general, this seems too teeny tiny to be a bank. So what am I missing here? And what about any of this has to do with a Dream Vacation? Which I’m pretty sure is why you wisely refer to it as a staycation as the money inside probably couldn’t get you any farther than the local 7-11.

    This is the kind of Kitsch that’s more widely recognized as Kitsch. The artist just had no idea when to stop – got all those flowers on there and Dream Vacation etched in and then thought it was too plain so painted those annoying black dots everywhere.

    I’m still having trouble grappling with this as a bank even though I’ve now stared at it for 15 minutes. What about the whole upper part of the body? There’s no room for coins in that skinny little happy head or flat wings.

    This looks mass-produced. As an artist I’ll never understand how these kind of artists get the paying gigs.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    this is baffling indeed. i love the repetition of the flowers – which actually look more like chocolate chip cookie suns than flowers. who is on the dream vacation?