Rodney Dangerfield’s No Respect Board Game

Submitted by jack February 15th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Oddly, beyond having the comedian’s face all over the box and game board, this game really has nothing to do with Rodney Dangerfield or his stand-up routine.

3 Responses to “Rodney Dangerfield’s No Respect Board Game”

  1. Allee Willis

    There’s no higher form of celebrity Kitsch than for one of them to allow their name and likeness to be used on a product that has absolutely nothing to do with them other than they received a check for the use.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    rodney dangerfield used to get his hair cut regularly at the santa monica boulevard barbershop below the offices of raygun publishing, where i worked as editorial director in the late 90s. i’d always spot his arrival from my window which overlooked the parking lot – he’d show up about once every two weeks in his big white boat of a cadillac, always about 30 to 45 minutes early for his appointment. his rather odd routine: he’d park in the small eight-or-so-car lot, unbutton his shirt and pants, and sit in his car eating his lunch, usually a submarine sandwich of some kind. it was always quite interesting to watch from above, the condiments and scraps of lettuce and tomato and whatnot from the sandwich spilling down across his exposed chest and belly.

    i would not disparage the legendary mr. dangerfield by proclaiming as if it were a straight-up fact that he was frequently somewhat inebriated during his shirtless sandwich lunches in the parking lot, but i will say that based on numerous assorted observations i often strongly suspected this might very well be the case. once when he was leaving the parking lot sporting his fresh haircut, he rammed into another car, at which point i ventured out on the balcony to see what was going on. pulling away from the first car, he began to make contact with a second car, and, seemingly unaware that this second incident was unfolding, he began to slowly and meticulously scrape the bumper of his cadillac along the entire side of the second vehicle – creating a sound and a vibe kinda like nails on a chalkboard – as he tried to exit.

    at this point, a woman ran out of an adjoining office screaming, ‘stop, stop!” – and i gathered that the second car which rodney dangerfield was in the process of seriously damaging must’ve belonged to her. i was closer to his open car window from my vantage point on the balcony, so i yelled, “MR. DANGERFIELD! MR. DANGERFIELD! WAIT! YOU’RE SCRAPING THAT CAR!” He looked up, rather surprised and perplexed, and mumble-shouted something to the effect of “EH…?! HUH…?! WHATSA MATTER…?!” At this very instant his car disengaged from the side of the second car and the resulting momentum caused him to quickly smash into a third car. This evidently was not enough of a catastrophe, so just to seal the entire demolition-derby-esque deal he promptly backed away from the third car and rammed into yet a fourth.

    much of the rest of my afternoon was spent watching mr. dangerfield fill out what i assumed to be insurance paperwork down in the parking lot.

    a board game based on rodney dangerfield’s santa monica barbershop visits would’ve been much more fitting and entertaining i think…

    i have a couple of photos of him in the parking lot – and at least one of him actually sitting in the barbershop chair…i’ll try to find them…

    • Allee Willis

      THAT is a sensational story!! OMG, if you have photos of Mr. Dangerfield in the parking lot or in the barber chair those are a must here in the Museum, especially with a story like this to accompany it. If I could award Certifikitsches of authenKitschities for comments you would be getting one right now!