Flintstone Plate

Submitted by rustyamo February 15th, 2010

This is my childhood plate made from Melmac – what ever that is – I grew up during the Flintstones age of television – this came with a bowl and I believe a Dino mug – which are both gone – but the plate barely survived

I used to eat my grilled cheese sandwiches on this plate that had to be made with the special blue plate to squish the sandwich in the frying pan – couldn’t use a spatula – my siblings were not that thrilled I got the blue plate – but I grabbed it first –

But this – this was mine

You can see that it cracked thanks to my wife – she tried making it up to me by buying me a Flintstones beach towel – like that would ever replace this

I have seen the set on ebay but didn’t buy it – this cracked plate from my childhood sits on plate stand in my home office amongst my kitsch

5 Responses to “Flintstone Plate”

  1. Allee Willis

    Always wonderful when the kitsch is actually yours from childhood. Also always wonderful if dinnerware is Melmac as opposed to anything fancier.

    I grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches with the Flintstones too but never was lucky enough to eat offa this plate.

    The crack made by your wife is perfectly placed as far as cracks go as it almost looks like a support for the awning.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Ah Melmac‚Ķ Rustyamo, I understand the connection to your Flintstones melmac plate. Nothing can replace “that” plate. It’s part of your DNA.
    Allee, be on the look-out for my 50’s pink melmac sugar bowl.

  3. Sockmonkeys Kitchen

    So, of course I stumble on this whilst searching a photo of Fred Flintsone eating on a plate…. and of course I read it….
    And… I have the bowl. It is from my childhood. Assuming you’re also a child of the mid to later 60’s =0)