5 Responses to “Diamond Ring Paper Weights ($2.99 – $4.99)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE this photo. What store is this in? What other kind of stuff does this store sell? Are the other displays as obsessive as this one?

    I have a bunch of these giant doamond rings but they’re made out of plastic, wouldn’t hold anything down. Are the rings large enough to actually fir over a hand and sit on a wrist (not that I would want to deal with the wrist pain once I slipped it off)?

  2. denny

    Glad you like! This store is notorious for those “obsessive displays”. Here is the address again:

    Do you need me to pick some of these up for you?

    You should see the other obsessive display I posted from that store. It’s of a ton of little wooden fisherman. Blue coat, pipe, yellow hat and really scary faces. I did post here, it may be pending.

    Wait till you see the scary Easter displays they put up! I now make special trips to the store just to take pictures. It’s 10 minutes from my house.