7 Responses to ““Poor Jenny” b/w “Tell Him No””

  1. windupkitty

    Haha! Yeah; She’s cracking up! My guess is that the title is sarcastic and Jenny, tired of being hit on by truckers while waitressing, drew that on herself to look tough. She’s laughing because apparently,it worked on a hapless traveling businessman who is either running away or wanting a spanking….I’m not even sure if he knows which!

  2. denny

    Spanking! Good observation on that one! You know Allee really did have some influence on my examining my kitsch a little more! It’s amazing the things we all pick out of pictures, kitsch, records etc…..It’s like he is saying, “Come on Jenny please, just spank me for a little bit, then I’ll get you that new lipstick you’ve been wanting that you always see at the 5 & dime!”