11 Responses to “A pixie! One of many in a pixie garden in Devon uk.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Yowwwwweeeee! Ugly for all the right reasons! First of all, she’s somewhere between an Indian princess, hippie and Gypsy with a middle American gut and bad taste in shorts. The artist, if one could call him/her that, definitely had a thing for that red orange color. Not only is it on the toenails of her bear sized feet, the right one of which it looks like he gave her a corn on, as well as that dunce cap, the ribbing on the shorts, bows in her hair but then what are those two dots in the corner of either eye? With this kind of art I don’t question anything but merely accept it as being truth for that artist. I find this pixie gnome lady to be a rather peculiar choice to go topless too but what do I know…?

  2. shirlie williams

    It was such a strange place, the lady owner sat in a little tent in her garden and she was about 110! She never spoke, it spooked my sister out!!! She was the only half naked one!!! The pixie/gnome not my sister!

  3. wendy

    I also took some picures from the above Garden, and yes the owner was a very old lady sat in a little tent – I am not sure but she may have even been part pixie/gnome herself…..

  4. shirlie williams

    This is actually in Cornwall, which borders Devon they are the last 2 counties in South West England pop Pixie in Wikipedia and it gives some interesting info about the folklore in that area. When travelling around you come across these strange gardens full of Pixies/Gnomes there is a shop in Polperro Cornwall called Joan The Wad (Queen Of Pixies I believe) and it sells all sorts of good luck charms the outside has carved figures…I will find a picture).

  5. shirlie williams

    Im going to Mevagissey in May and will be staying 5 mins from the Piskie Garden , I will get more photos and try and get the owner to be photographed…I may have to buy one this time.