12 Responses to “Asian 60’s fashion”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic from head to toe! I used to have glasses like these with slits for eyes but they do nothing for peripheral vision so I tossed them in favor of not killing someone on the road. What are they holding? Furniture casters? A make up mirror? A Christmas ornament? Something that’s supposed to make you ask what are those girls holding in their hands?

  2. tuxedos

    waaaaaaa… checkered pants? is has been the fashion of the past! many of the country uses that fashion as of now, i though todays era are the founder of that fashion statement. i was wrong.

  3. denny

    I just bought checkered pants for $8.00 at a local consignment shop. The ladies that sold them to me couldn’t figure out why I would wear them…..

  4. Records search

    hey guys..On my own opinion I think Denny can really wear that pants proudly, just looking at the picture he is a kind of guy that can wear anything under the sun…Hey Denny do you have a girl friend?