Al Hirt, Gettin’ a Leg Up, As Usual!

Submitted by windupkitty February 19th, 2010

Al Hirt whoops such unbelievable amounts of ass, that one can’t really fault him for the odd positions (come on,lots of people get guitar/bass/drum face!) he might display while playing; the foremost being the “one leg up”! BUT one also can giggle while picturing a fire hydrant near his right leg and make a submission to the AWMOK…..With the utmost respect for the man, of course!

And oh yeah, this is propped against a pink Snuggie…Saw my Grandmother the other day and she got me a Snuggie as a Valentines gift….Naturally, she also made me a matching fleece poncho that’s bright pink and covered in hearts….She’s a Classique D’Camembert kinda gal and she doesn’t even know it….

One Response to “Al Hirt, Gettin’ a Leg Up, As Usual!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m with you on the leg up thing. I can’t believe one of the Al’s handlers didn’t intervene when it came to cover photo choices. Or perhaps Al always walked around looking as if the unthinkable might happen so they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Then again, perhaps Al thought this pose was a way to look thinner. Al was a great player and no doubt it took mustering up a lot of air to blow through the brass. But I feel pretty confident he could have gotten a big gulp without using his leg as an activator.

    Congratulations on your pink Snuggy and matching poncho! Your grandmother sounds like she needs a trip to the Museum.