7 Responses to “Chad Everett “All Strung Out” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, is that a rope around Chad’s neck? Is that the string referred to in “strung”? Is he all strung out and about to hang himself? But then why is his hair so smoothed and puffed and why is he wearing a nice velveteen or polyester shirt, either material being perfect for 1971 when this album he came out?

    High Kitsch points are always scored when anyone jumps on the bandwagon of a popular phrase and uses it despite it not quite fitting. As discussed above, there’s the confusion over whether the cover is supposed to be a depiction of someone who’s “All Strung Out” or is it just THE phrase of 1971 that CBS’s Medical Center’s groovy Dr. Joe Gannon is so eager to employ.

    I’ve heard this LP. He does covers like “You’re My Soul and Inspiration” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” as well as new tunes written by producer Nino Tempo of “Deep Purple” fame. Chad’s voice is a little like a slow-moving turtle crossing the Mohave Desert, the same step over and over again sounding like it could grind to a halt at any moment.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Love the narcissistic expression on his face– it recalls his creepy appearance on the Dick Cavett Show in 1972 in which he referred to his wife as his “property,” prompting fellow guest Lily Tomlin to walk off the set.

  3. denny

    Interesting stuff here. His cocky grin makes me want to slap him. Good for Lilly! I had no idea about her walking off the set. Makes me love her even more.

  4. Mark Blackwell

    more recently chad everett figured into “how’s your news?” – the movie (later turned into a tv series) which featured a group of folks with various physical and mental disabilities who traveled all over the country in a bus conducting interviews with people. one of the roving reporters of “how’s your news?” had been extremely obsessed with chad everett for many many years and finally got to meet him during his journalistic travels.

    here is a youtube clip of “how’s your news?” reporter ronnie simonsen meeting chad everett at last (also featuring a snippet of his song “i’m going to meet chad everett”):