Roger Smith – Beach Romance

Submitted by rustyamo February 24th, 2010

Today – Roger Smith is more famous for being the husbad of Ann-Margret – but in the 50’s early 60’s her was a star himself

James Cagney was a mentor to him – they stared in 2 pictures together – and with Roger played the adult Patrick Dennis to Rosalind Russell’s Auntie Mame

And who can ever forget 77 Sunset Strip

Roger did a lot of stock…both musical comedy and drama

Here is his 1959 album Beach Romance

4 Responses to “Roger Smith – Beach Romance”

  1. Allee Willis

    I used to love me some Mr. Roger Smith! He was so the cute one on 77 Sunset Strip. I used to like how perfectly coiffed hair always was and he always had a great smile. I remember seeing Auntie Mame and being so excited when I realized he was Patrick Dennis.

    I can’t say I’m familiar with his singing though. And his rolled up pants look a little dorky. Actually the more I look at this LP cover it looks like a Roger Smith stand-in. I’d also guess that Mr. Smith or his stand-in have absolutely no idea how to play the guitar. I love how buried his/his stand-in’s feet are in the sand. Must’ve been a long photo shoot.