8 Responses to “A very scary Ice Cream model, Brixham Devon”

  1. Allee Willis

    OMG, that literally knocked the breath out of me when the picture opened up! At first I got very excited thinking that it was an actual ice cream cone. I wasn’t sure as the page was opening what an ice cream model was. Could it be a girl hand modeling a quart of ice cream? Was it a model of some fancy kind of scoop that the cone construction should be modeled after? At first I thought that the swirly top was actually whipped cream. But be it real whipped cream or ice cream, plaster, fiberglass or whatever it is it’s certainly the best ice cream I’ve ever seen!

    how big is this? And what’s all that stuff going on on the bottom left side?

  2. shirlie williams

    Lol…This is the only picture I have, it was outside a Ice cream shop in a small fishing town…Im not sure whats going on in the left hand corner, I will be more observant next time…Its one of my favourites as its so freaky, Its reminds me of a cartoon duck ???? It was about 5ft + tall , far to big to put in my bag …

  3. shirlie williams

    Very embarrassing…went to Brixham armed with my camera, found the shop and no Ice Cream cone , then I went inside and it was propped up at the back of the shop, the front facing the wall…
    When I asked the lady if it was the cone with the face on she shrieked NO! I went on to explain about having seen it before and had photographed it could she turn it round, and she looked at me as if I had 2 heads and said ‘Whatever your on perhaps I should have some too !’

    • windupkitty

      oh wow, if she was so weirded out by her own giant ice cream cone, she should have re-homed to you!!!! that’s a great story! some people don’t know what they have…i sent this submission page to one of my best friends (mrs wotan, here on the awmok)…she could barely speak through laughter and having been tortured by medical school for years now, immediately said, “hello my name is dr m and i’ll be doing your procedure today. Assisting me today, will be this giant ice cream cone”….I can’t get over what that would look like, and given that i’ve spent years at the mercy of students at a local teaching hospital, i’d pretty much trade all my internal organs to have a dr approach my bedside with this wheeled in on a rope behind her!!!!! honestly, looking at this thing, i’m pretty sure it has the power to heal anyway!

  4. shirlie williams

    Oh Windupkitty thats so funny, Mrs Wotan sounds wicked! I don’t think I will be able to keep a straight face next time Im faced with a consultant and their assistant…it just is the best Ice Cream Cone, I will go back in the summer and try again to see if its outside.