Canister Set for sale at the Joan of Arc Thrift Shop

Submitted by denny February 26th, 2010
funny, the ones in the snap shot (the bottom pic) have all their lids!

4 Responses to “Canister Set for sale at the Joan of Arc Thrift Shop”

  1. Allee Willis

    Not sure of the significance of all of the ones in the bottom photo having lids as don’t all the ones in the top photo have them too? Maybe I’m not seeing straight. It’s that kind of day:

    $20 is an incredible price for this set. It’s no doubt kitschy but it’s the kind of Kitsch that scares me, the real deal, those blue pastoral drawings on white porcelain, too frilly and delicate for me.

    Oh wait, now I see, the tops were swiped from the two on the right in the top photo. Were these taken at two different times or were there two different sets at Joan of Arc?

  2. windupkitty

    wow, i just love the fact that thrift shop is called “joan of arc”! those canisters are cool too…there are so many of them!!!! what are they all for????

  3. denny

    They hold all sorts of kitchen (no pun intended) staples such as sugar, flour etc. Someone must have thought they were fabulous as they are no longer there. I am not particularly crazy about the ceramic stuff with the blue themed design etc….not my thing but who is actually going to sit these on their counter now! I suppose if one has enough counter space…