If You’ve Got a Heart, then Gumby’s a Part of You…..

Submitted by windupkitty February 26th, 2010
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Mr Art Clokey passed away this past January on the 8th. I’ve loved Gumby and the amazing cartoons/films that featured him for as long as I can remember. Later, a better understanding of the way he was created would fuel my complete love of stop motion animation. So, here’s a piece of merchandising that Art Clokey probably never made a dime off of (should I even be showing it?), but at least it is in the hands of someone who respects the man, his creativity and all the people who made such amazing characters and stories come to life.

I was lucky enough to see Gumby Dharma when it aired on PBS in 2007. It looks like it will be out on dvd on March 1st. I highly recommend checking it out…



3 Responses to “If You’ve Got a Heart, then Gumby’s a Part of You…..”

  1. Allee Willis

    If this is the special that PBS ran on Clokey about a year and a half ago it’s UNBELIEVABLE. I wasn’t even a Gumby fan until I saw that special. Then I became fanatic. Clokey’s story is fantastic. A must-see for anyone, especially artists.

    Phone is great too. I don’t know if animators fare any better than songwriters but I hope he did see some pennies from the phone or any other Gumby merchandise.

  2. windupkitty

    Yeah, it’s the same special and yeah, wow, what a terrific program. It’s so beautifully done and Art Clokey’s life was just so interesting.
    What a cool guy. I know there have been cppyright disputes or something to that effect, and that’s why a lot of his stuff isn’t on dvd….I just remember trying to find it years ago and his son had posted on some website that nothing that was available on dvd was anything that they had authorized or were making any cash off of, so he asked that people not buy stuff…I didn’t, but I did cave when i found a 1 dollar dvd of gumbasia and a couple of shorts…i just had to show my friend’s kids….

    isn’t great that ray harryhausen was interviewed!? he’s a true national treasure too….