5 Responses to “Anne Murray Centre 10th Anniversary lapel pin”

  1. Allee Willis

    Okay. This I would kill for. Even though it’s dated 1986-99, long past Murray’s killer prime period, she was one of those very conservative singers I went nuts for. She had great songs and a great voice and she and Helen Reddy held down the market on mall looking women who made great records.

    I’m assuming that the Anne Murray Centre is in Canada as that’s where she’s from and it’s got that fancy spelling of Centre with the reversed ‘er’.

    I can’t believe that after selling tens of millions of records this would all come down to 50 cents. Oh wait, then again I forgot, I’m a songwriter who’s sold tens of millions of records and oftentimes it comes down to $.50 or less.

  2. denny

    Yes, it is yours, along with a few other things I have been sitting on til I have the package complete! I want you to be able to say “I got this pin at The Joan of Arc Thrift Shop on Cape Cod”…..I am being totally serious.