Ann-Margret Las Vegas Show

Submitted by rustyamo March 2nd, 2010
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In July 1967 Ann-Margret headlined her first Las Vegas Show at the Riviera – this show became the basis for her 1968 TV Speical This is the placecard that was at everyones table / seat

But it was in 1960 when she appeared for the first time in Las Vegas – George Burns discovered her – and while his show was already booked and ready to go he added Ann-Margret to the revue and the rest is history

During the 70’s Ann-Margret was considered the queen of the Las Vegas Strip

One Response to “Ann-Margret Las Vegas Show”

  1. Allee Willis

    The first Ann-Margret TV special was an unbelievable pillar of kitsch as anything Ann-Margaret immediately qualifies. This is not to say that she was without severe talent. She was one of those rare combos of Kitsch and Klass.

    I love that all the numbers are listed, even including the songwriters, a practice that was unfortunately much more alive in the ’60s than it is now.