Ann-Margrock Cel

Submitted by rustyamo March 3rd, 2010
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In 1962 Ann-Margret starred in “Bye Bye Birdie” – the film was directed by legendary George Sidney who at the time was the president of Hanna-Barbera

He came up with the idea of having Ann-Margret appear on “The Flinstones” – Since the characters always had a play on words with their names – Ann-Margret was called Ann-Margrock

This is a test cel to see how Ann-Margret would look as a cartoon character – I think she looks Yabba Dabba Doo

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  1. Douglas Wood

    Yes, I remember watching the Ann-Margrock episode as a kid and again as a teen. In my memory, the role was voiced by the real Ann-Margret, or if not, an amazing sound-alike. An actual production cel would be worth a fortune, but I have a feeling even this test cel is extremely valuable/collectible. What a find.

  2. rustyamo

    i am so glad you all like the ann-margrock cell – YES ann-margret provided her own voice – she always said the character was very tiny and all hair. next to the episode of pebbles being born, this is one of the most famous and favorite episdoes of the flintstones.

    not sure how valuable this is – not even sure its an orginal – i think there are multiple copies of this out there – but being the HUGE ann-margret fan that i am – i wanted it for my collection when i came accross it on ebay – and i have never seen it sinc nor have i ever had it apraised – the real value of this compares to the value i have for it

  3. franklin.fuentes

    a couple of yrs. ago. i bought that, very, flintstones/ ann margret (aka. ann ‘margrock’) character style plate-sheet..
    off, from, a hanna-barbera coll. (on ebay).
    the ‘ann margrock presents’ episode is my all time fave, by far!

    during, my time in music retail..
    & while, managing/ buying for a lg. rec. store chain, hanna-barbera released a musical flintstone soundtrack cd..
    the cd.’s order form boasted about including ann’s big song, from that episode.
    but, alas.., it didn’t make that cd.’s final cut.

    but, in keeping current w. the hippest entertainers on that day; the casts of bewitched/ bonanza, tony curtis, the beau brummels, etc..
    this, episode, too. was a-mazing!

    check this clip out..


    always, franklin fuentes