2 Responses to “1970’s Disco On Wheels business card”

  1. Allee Willis

    Allee Willis

    You know I’m partial to Disco anything. This business was definitely in the right city at the right time. I hope their rack included a mobile disco ball. I know it’s your brother-in-law’s business card but I like business cards and anything else for that matter from Disco related enterprises to give me a little more in the graphic department. Nothing better then a little cheesy disco ball, dancers in polyester belles, afros, platform shoes or something.

    I also love that they’re “one of the largest” mobile discos.

    Despite the lack of disco-ness in this the card it’s still something I would keep in my collection.

  2. denny


    I had one of these framed and matted for BIll. He’s now a contractor with an amazingly successful business here on the Cape.