Hollywood LA 40’s Post Cards

Submitted by MyFunCloset March 4th, 2010

I love the color & the building lines. This must have been a memorable stop on a cross-country motor trip dated to the late 40s. The kids sold the folks PC collection at a yard sale. I rescued this box filled with priceless memories.

Early memories of The Brown Derby restaurant was on I Love Lucy when Lucy and Ricky and the Mertz’s go west & meet William Holden. That’s when her fake nose catches fire.

Late 40’s Wilshire Blvd. in LA

The Electric Fountain in Beverly Hill

2 Responses to “Hollywood LA 40’s Post Cards”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love anything Streamline Moderne, anything Atomic and any architecture that’s pink and mint green. So what’s not to love about this first postcard? Not to mention those cutouts above the front door, the driveway overhang on the hairpin leg and the pink porches facing the pool. My house is classic Streamline Moderne and pink with a hit of this mint green and baby blue in the yard around it so this reminds me of home.

    Re The Brown Derby, I stumbled into a Bekins Storage parking lot sale almost 20 years ago and bought 30 of the portraits for $5 each that were on the wall from the last Derby that closed. (There were three of them in Hollywood, though the one with the actual brown derby architecture was the first one to close.) The Brown Derby portraits are one of the best scores I ever made.

    I only wish they would light that Beverly Hills fountain the way it’s portrayed on the postcard.

  2. Records search

    Wow! Classic I love it to, the color combination is great! It reminds me of a certain place in California, where I hung out with my friends, Thanks for this post it reminds me a lot ot MyFunCloset.