The Finest in Adult Reading (1960’s)

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 5th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

These eight salacious paperback covers are from the late sixties. I threw out the actual books because they smelled like cigarette smoke, but saved the lurid, cheesy covers (which make great gifts for friends when matted and framed!) Some details: Pretty sure the apostrophe in “Stud’s Paradise” is misplaced as there are two studs on the cover. The caption on top reads, “Whatever the action…Deborah was game!” On “Love In” the French maid on the right looks disproportionally outraged by the woman’s touch, especially since she’s walking around with her right nipple exposed.

Not sure what “Love Stroke” refers to. The guy looks like a beatnik with his goatee, but how many beatniks wore letter sweaters? The caption on top of “Sinning Wife” reads, “Just having some friends in for an orgy!” The man on the right is pouring red wine all over his delighted partner. Not sure why the open-armed woman is facing away from her friends– is someone watching? “Voyage from Lesbos” is clearly much more erudite than the others as it was written by an M.D. And finally, “The Massage Man” is written by a great porn star-like name, Will Shafter (Will shaft her?) No wonder it’s earned the “Rapture” logo at the top right.

3 Responses to “The Finest in Adult Reading (1960’s)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent collection. I ‘ve always loved the colors and how vibrant the graphics are on these covers. And being a songwriter to whom titles are very important I’ve always thought that the authors drove the nail in perfectly by choosing short titles that screamed at you with bold fonts.

    I love that the doctor in “Somebody’s Woman” looks like a bobble head. Also, how upset and shame the “Lesbos” is. Goatee on Love Stroke letterman Beatnik also good.

  2. denny

    Look at the vascularity in “Massage Man’s” arms! I also love the lip print and the manufacturers name RAPTURE. The Finest in adult reading. I love these books.