Autographed LP – Duane Eddy!

Submitted by MeshuggaMel March 6th, 2010

As mentioned in a previous post – I had the chance to meet Duane Eddy and see him play at the Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival. Of course, I brought along my copy of “Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar, Will Travel” for Duane to autograph. This album was a *huge* influence on me – days after getting the record I put a Bigsby vibrato on my Gibson ES-335 and have been twangin’ away ever since. Autograph reads: “To Mel, Keep on Twangin’ Your friend, Duane Eddy”

This record now graces the entry to my “studio”!

One Response to “Autographed LP – Duane Eddy!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is, of course, the companion piece to your other post:

    Not only am I happy for you that you got an autograph from your idol and that it actually contains the word “twang” in the autograph but I used to play this album so much as a youth that I can feel the excitement you had to have felt when he gripped a pen instead of a guitar pick and signed this.

    I love his classic high school prom tux jacket. Ican only hope there was a pleated cummerbund under that.

    Twangy is an excellent state of mind to be in.