Sunbeam Iron from 1930

Submitted by denny March 6th, 2010

Iron was always stored in it’s original box that it shipped in. It belonged to Bella Guilbert of New Hampshire. I love it that it only has one button to select all of it’s functions, cotton, silk, etc…..This was $5.00 at “The Community Of Jesus” thrift shop here on Cape Cod.

2 Responses to “Sunbeam Iron from 1930”

  1. Allee Willis

    I used to not only collect vintage irons because they’re so gorgeous but I actually used to use them. Other than I got sick of scorching my clothes and finally gave up my obsession with using vintage appliances when a 1930’s blender spontaneously combusted and made my kitchen counter start to smolder. Also, whenever I ironed using my old Sunbeam it would always hurt my wrists because it was as heavy as a bowling ball.

  2. denny

    I too use much of my kitsch whenever possible. I like to call our limited collection “interactive kitsch”. The iron I do not use tho even tho I am tempted as there are no holes on the bottom which I am sure almost makes the temp thru the roof, resulting in a wrinkle free garment.