Fizzies 8 Action Drink Tablets – floo fly florange make this orange But on

Submitted by kookykitsch March 6th, 2010

I used to eat these tablets as candy (never tried it as a drink ala alka seltzer) when I was a kid. These ones are a newer box containing 8 action tablets. Fizzard says “floo fly florange make this orange!” I think he’s wack.

4 Responses to “Fizzies 8 Action Drink Tablets – floo fly florange make this orange But on”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was such a dedicated chocolate and caramel kind of gal that this kind of fruit flavored fizzy stuff never appealed to me whatever form it appeared in. Fizzy anything and I were never on the best of terms, even my beloved Pop Rocks which I collected but never ate. Coupled with my aversion to wizards I’m one person who won’t be Floo Flying Florange anytime soon!

  2. MyFunCloset

    I adored Fizzie’s too. I remember it on a sheet of maybe 8, not a box. I used to break them up and it would foam up in my mouth. I would pack one at lunch and drop it in water. I think root beer was a favorite. I think they stopped making Fizzies when they said sacerin sugar, was bad for us.
    Do they still make Fizzies? Is this a recent box? I want my Fizzy!

  3. kookykitsch

    Well, they just started making them again after many years. I think they come in cherry, orange and root beer. I never tried the old or new ones as a drink – only as candy – but I remember being envious of the girl in my elementary school who had them as a dessert, along w/ twinkies…she also had a lot of fillings, a fact that was pointed out to me by my Mom.

  4. MyFunCloset

    Thank you for posting Fizzies. Just googled it. Comes in 5 flavors! This is a line from their ad.
    “Fizzies set your tongue a-tingling in the fashionable colors of a carefree adolescence?
    … your parents said if you swallowed Fizzies Drink Tablets whole, then drank water, your stomach would explode?”
    It’s at a time of candy buttons on a paper strip and red licorice strings.