Eskimo Pie Ice Bucket

Submitted by holly March 8th, 2010

An ice bucket I bought in the 70s. I just love the eskimos. It keeps ice cold for at least 24 hours. Fantastic.

10 Responses to “Eskimo Pie Ice Bucket”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love Eskimo Pies and didn’t realize they had such extensive merch going on, especially in the 1970s. It’s such a bizarre product because what really should be stored in there are Eskimo Pies and not ice cubes which once in there would leave no room for any of the Pies. Unless the slogan which we can’t see all of here somehow ties directly into Eskimo Pies this really seems a stretch between the product itself and product it’s promoting. I do love how the legs are the little bent over Eskimos though. And this is certainly something I wouldn’t pass up myself. But I’d sure rather reach in and grab an ice cream bar than an ice cube!

  2. holly

    Actually this was an Eskimo Pie product. I was working in a little store in Providence, RI when the owner came back with this from a buying spree. I fell in love with it and bought it before she could put it out on the shelf. I am not sure what year it was made but it has the good cooler insert we would see in thermoses back in the day. (not sure what that is called) It is way older than the 70s, that is just when I got my hands on it. Can’t keep Eskimo Pies in it…I would eat them all day. I just LOVE it!!

  3. Allee Willis

    I would’ve snapped it up immediately too!

    Is the cooler like those painted silver glass inserts in vintage thermoses? I always loved the look of those but used to drop my thermoses all the time as I never quite latched my lunch box securely. One time I went to drink my chocolate milk and right before I tipped it up all the way I felt the little shards of glass hit my lips. That was the last time I ever drank out of a vintage thermos.

    Now I want an Eskimo Pie.

  4. holly

    That is exactly what the inside is. It just keeps things cold FOREVER. I gave it to my parents for their wedding anniversary and after they died I made sure it came home where it belonged.

  5. Douglas Wood

    What a great piece! I love this, and have never seen one before. I’d have a hard time passing it up if I were to come across it in an antique store or at a flea market.

  6. Mark Blackwell

    are there graphic on the other side? is “Bracing as a Frosty Morning” the entire slogan? (if so, that really doesn’t make all that much sense…)

  7. ak_bubba

    everyoone, this item was just shown on A&E’s Storage WARS tv show. an item very similar if not identical was bought in a storage locker and had an appraised auction value of $3,000. Apparently it is quite rare.
    i believe they said it was made in the 1920s or 1930s. the exterior is made of tin. great find.