Mod Vintage Apron

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 8th, 2010

This vintage apron was made by Jade Fashions in San Francisco. Not sure if it’s late sixties or early seventies, but the vivid fabric is in-your-face Pop art to be sure. The boxy cut of the apron would be really unflattering for just about everyone, in fact, with the two sets of ties in the open back, it’s more like a hospital gown for those on a bad acid trip.

2 Responses to “Mod Vintage Apron”

  1. Allee Willis

    You certainly summed it up with “a hospital gown… on a bad acid trip.” The cut is really boxy and seems like it would be very constricting. It’s almost more of an artist’s smock. That band of fabric going across the front horizontally, a pocket I suppose, also seems like it might make whoever’s wearing it look a little fatter than necessary. Although it kind of looks like it was a Home Ec class project so I have to give the sew-er a little credit for getting all the lines to match up.

    My guess is that this is late 60’s because of the neon colors.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Yeah, this has “Home Ec project gone bad” all over it– you can imagine my surprise when I discovered the professional “Jade Fashions” label inside. (Googled them, and not surprisingly, couldn’t find a thing.)