Fibreglass Ice Cream with strange child on top

Submitted by shirlie williams March 8th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This amazing fibreglass Icecream cone was found outside the San Francisco Fudge Shop (Fudge made with love !!!) In Bath UK…Ive never seen one with a child on top,very exciting find, Wendy and I contemplated wrestling it home.

6 Responses to “Fibreglass Ice Cream with strange child on top”

  1. Allee Willis

    WOW! This is about as crazy as it gets. What’s with all the nutty giant ice cream sculptures in England ( Do all the ice cream shops have these sculptures out in front of them? It’s like how maybe 15 years ago tons of restaurants here put those horrible plaster sculptures of pigs with chef hats on displaying the menu on the sidewalk. There were also waitresses in little skimpy outfits, alligators, etc. I decided to ban going into any restaurant that had one out in front it was so unimaginative. But the Fiberglas ice cream cone you show here is of an entirely different order. I’m hoping these aren’t mass-produced.

    Such a large cone for all those tiny scoops.

  2. windupkitty

    this is utterly cool…is that creepy kid trying to eat his way into or out off that cone!? you might have to steal it at night cause it’s a little noticeable and you’re going to need a really big coat!

  3. shirlie williams

    Lol we may have to steal a scoop at a time !!

    Im not sure if these are massed produced, you see a lot of just cone Ice creams with the standard Mr Whippy topping, but Ive never seen one like this before. A lot of Icream shops have these outside especially in the sea side resorts…Im off to Devon at the weekend so will be on the lookout although it is still considered out of season, so they may be still tucked away in a store cupboard..

  4. shirlie williams

    That would be funny Denny as we would have to do it in daylight as they get locked away, hopefully you have good diversion tactics and a large car boot lol.