Old green scale is off 3 pounds . . .

Submitted by MyFunCloset March 9th, 2010

When I found this a few years ago, it actually was this great shade of green. I replaced the distressed brown contact paper with this fun floral covering. Best part about it, it always reads 3 pounds less.

2 Responses to “Old green scale is off 3 pounds . . .”

  1. Allee Willis

    I had this exact scale for many years. I still have it someplace in storage but I had to retire it from active duty as it left a lot of rust spots on my vintage tile bathroom floor and it was heavier than the person standing on it. But I love love the scale, stone cold from the 1930’s. As I remember mine was about 3 pounds off as well which is why it stayed here at Willis Wonderland for so long before going off to the retirement village.