smoking will stump your growth

Submitted by monica johnson March 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

The affects of smoking. Stunted growth seeming the least of them.
The chest is from one of those anatomy toys. with the lung painted black.. the short barbie. is a small barbie head on a clowns body. it was great fun breaking off the clown head. the green face teenager is a cloth doll with a painted face. like so many teenagers are.

7 Responses to “smoking will stump your growth”

  1. Allee Willis

    Medical stuff usually freaks me out. I have a vintage Invisible Man but have never taken him out of the box because I don’t like to see the organs laying there like the perfect buffet table. Seen in this context though I can deal with him, especially as he’s looking down on that giant headed platinum blonde.

    I really like the little dog in the wig. I can’t see the photo clearly enough but is that a little blond wig on his tail too?

    They all looked perfectly stumped.

  2. monica johnson

    yes, the little dog is wearing a blonde wig. I think of him as a combination dog/human, somehow merged together thru second hand smoke.

  3. windupkitty

    wow, this is incredible and so true…the ad campaigns owe you one…i love the little dog too…that’s what a smoker’s baby actually looks like! green sleeves looks like she’s going to bite clarabell barbie on the head!

  4. Mark Milligan

    Monica this is one of my faves. The little greenie reminds me of how much everybody smoked in our house when I was a kid. Once in the car when I told Mom the smoke was bothering me she said “breathe shallow honey.”