6 Responses to “The Spotnicks “Out-A-Space – The Spotnicks In London” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    I own another Spotnicks LP ( just the cover, not the LP which I’d kill to hear). They’re always in their space suits but never looking quite as good as they do here in London.

    I love the play on the Russian spacecraft that they’ve spelled wrong, giving their name a very human ‘c’. Should have been SpotNIKS. With this said, I love the cover, space suits, matching shoes and the fact they got to ‘fly’ to London.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    Gah!!! The Spotnicks are AMAZING!!! They were Sweden’s answer to The Ventures and The Shadows, but they went into orbit above the rest with the awesome spacesuits and rocket themed stage sets. The song Allee posted above is a traditional Russian folk song called Polyushko Polye (The Cossack Patrol).

    Some other tracks worth checking out:
    “Johnny Guitar”

    “The Spotnicks Theme” (if only for the wacko special effects with the band marching up and down a guitar neck)

    They also recorded Hava Nagila, so I would have to say they are among the righteous gentiles.

  3. denny

    Just wanted to say thanks for everyones response here! I am on a mission to locate their tunes so I can listen to them in the privacy on my home! They are incredible! I took a valium before watching your posted link Allee. Well not really….but maybe I should have.

  4. windupkitty

    WOOOHOOO!!!! One of my favorite bands of ALL time!!!!!!!!!! looks like meshugga beat me to the youtubes, but yeah, watch them all…..they will improve your life immeasurably!