Vintage Cowboy toy

Submitted by denny March 14th, 2010

I believe this to be something like die-cast metal. This is one of those fun pieces I came across cleaning my father in-laws basement here at the house. He has one moveable arm that goes up & down.

6 Responses to “Vintage Cowboy toy”

  1. Allee Willis

    What I like best about this is the photo as the cowboy actually looks like he’s galloping down the road.

    How big is this?

    Because you say he has one movable arm I wonder if this was a part that used to be on one of those cast iron banks where something moves in order to drop a coin in?

  2. MyFunCloset

    Next time Antique Roadshow comes your way, sign up and bring this and we’ll all see you on TV! It’s charming, full of character!
    Keep digging for more treasures and share with us.

  3. denny

    There are just some items where I don’t mind if it is weathered or has some wear. I always give gifts to friends (who love kitsch) and this cowboy is now residing in Center City Philly. Every time I visit my friend in the city, I take her some sort of kitsch.

  4. windupkitty

    yeah, seriously antiques road show material! people really collect these things! there’s a model store in nor cal and i took a little boy i’ve taken care of for years there once so he could pick out treasures…wow, adults take this stuff REALLy seriously…there were the MOST elaborate dioramas and the stuff like this was ridiculously expensive! seriously, the people in that place were a little out there…pretty obsessed with playing wit these all day,competing with each other and spending thousands of dollars to do so…would make a great creepy short story!

  5. denny

    It makes me nuts to watch Antique Road Show. It’s get’s me going and has me wondering about many of my goodies here…How about – “Kitsch – The Motion Picture”?