3 Responses to “Randy Carlos & His Orchestra “Having A Ball” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    The art director was really reaching for it here. Putting the titles over a primary part of the graphic doesn’t seem to make much sense with all that plain green around. And why was the border necessary?

    This gal looks like she was out for a nude midnight stroll on the beach and stuck her appendages in an electrical socket at the Crab Shack.

  2. denny

    Your right, I’m not crazy about graphics covering the shadowy palm, but I still enjoy this cover. What til you see what I found in Philly….it’ll take me months to organize this stuff for the kitschenette and will also blow you away! You got another present coming! You’ll flip!

  3. windupkitty

    she kinda looks like she’s under water…maybe that aided the electrocution….man denny, you have the best records!!!