6 Responses to “Gnome Bank of Rock Gully”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is Rock Gully a place? And how big is the bank? From the photo I’m guessing about a foot tall but not really sure. Gorgeous one way or the other.

    I love the way the color has faded. I love that the gnome has a Santa complex. Beyond anything, I love that he’s wearing lipstick.

  2. denny

    You made me laugh with this comment! A lipstick wearing Gnome! I love this bank and when I initially brought this home, it rode on the front seat with me.

  3. windupkitty

    i know! i love his lipstick too and the way his hat comes to a point at his forhead…if you put your hand over the rest of his hat, he could be accused of trying to emulate Gloria Swanson in sunset blvd!

  4. shirlie williams

    This gnome is fabulous, I brought a book on the history of gnomes at the weekend, some fabulous pictures in it…getting ready for my visit to Cornwall in May, hoping to find some gems.

    Denny seeing your mums shells and your dads money box your parents must be pretty cool…

  5. denny

    My family has had some rough times but we are firm believers in shopping to alleviate some of lifes woes! lol I really, really do get the collecting bug from BOTH of them. I love then dearly. We have this routine when I visit. First rule, never shop with BOTH parents at the same time when it comes to thrift shopping! I devote one day for Mom and one day for Dad…..You should see the stash I picked up on my recent visit home.