10 Responses to “Owl Painting – 1968”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was gonna guess some kind of papier mâché but the fact that this is melted crayons on construction paper is INSANE! How did they melt the crayons so precisely to do things like the spirals?!

    How big is this?

    I love big fat heads and tiny little feet.

    Does it smell like crayons?

  2. Douglas Wood

    I found it, unframed, at a garage sale years ago. It had a 1968 date on the back (scrawled in orange crayon.) I think it was probably done by a kid as a school art project.

    • MyFunCloset

      That’s what I thought because of the size and materials. It’s amazing when a kid is naturally talented, doesn’t over think it, and just gets’ it right. Nice find!

    • Allee Willis

      You have to have a lot of patience holding a match or lighter (or blowtorch if you’re impatient) to the crayon and move it around very steadily so it doesn’t drip in chunks. I’ve made tiny things like that but this piece is very ambitious. Hopefully the artist didn’t die from the fumes upon completion.

  3. Suits

    at first i didn’t get the idea of the picture until i’ve review the comment and the title. its an OWL! gosh! now i must say, you got me there. this is good. there something in there that i can’t explain. good one.