thrift shop queen with child

Submitted by monica johnson March 17th, 2010

A young girl at Angel View Thrift Store, is pregnant, alone, and then her landlord made her give away her cat. I promised to make her something. so this is it..everything on it but the fabric was bought at the store. the base that makes up her dress is a toy rocking chair . The child is a little bisque doll. the gold ball is an earring. the material, fabrics are vintage and much of it donated by Johanna Went from her fabulous collection.

5 Responses to “thrift shop queen with child”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love that you made this for her. Landlords that make you give away your pets once you’re already living on the premises SUCK. Your art piece, especially as it was made special for her, must have made her very happy.

    I love the ornateness of the garb. Such a regal mother and holding on so tight to her baby.

    I love how wide the boa is, as if mom has football player shoulders. All the better to tackle the landlord with.

  2. denny

    Monica… and I are a lot a like in that I often like to give gifts I know will cheer someone up or make their day. Good for you! My best to the girl at Angel View.

  3. monica johnson

    there is nothing as satisfying…its really funny because when someone wants to buy a piece, i find it hard to let it go..but giving them as presents is thrilling.
    i will deliver your good wishes to her next time i see her..which is every day since i live across the street from Angel View.I have so much stuff from there i could start a branch at my place. the really weird part is i sometimes donate the stuff back , dont recognize it and buy it all over again..