3 Responses to “Lil Wampum (a nut from florida) Coconut Bank”

  1. Allee Willis

    I used to collect tons of these coconut heads and banks as a kid. My parents used to bring them home for me from Miami.

    The expression on this one is pretty great. I love that it’s called “Lil Wampum”. The first word’s spelled wrong, missing the apostrophe – l’il – and they could have at least glued a feather or somethum around wampum’s head to make a more Indian like. Unless the little strip of yellow tape is supposed to be a headband.

    The facial features are some of the best I’ve seen on nuts of this kind.

  2. Douglas Wood

    This is great– what I like most is that the slot for change is on the FRONT of the Wampum’s head, not the back as most banks are. To continue with the offensive stereotype– maybe the slot is the result of a tomahawk?