Women Only Hand Wash Sign

Submitted by DetroitKent March 20th, 2010

Hialeah, Fl. Wood sign referring to washing women with a plastic banner “hand wash” blowing in the wind. Also a photo of the makeshift car wash. I haven’t mastered the camera yet, the neighborhood was uncertain, and I had to drive my car off the main street onto the property, therefore poor composition. I found these pictures interesting, but of doubtful museum quality.

3 Responses to “Women Only Hand Wash Sign”

  1. Allee Willis

    Maybe not Detroit Metropolitan Museum of Art worthy but certainly Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch worthy!! For many reasons, not the least among which are:

    ‚Ä¢ The font for “For” being different then “Women Only” yet it’s one consistent thought.

    • The change in price. The ladies got 2 bucks more expensive,

    ‚Ä¢ “Because every day is ladies day” but then only Monday and Sunday are listed. Unless the ‚Ä¢ should have been a -, in either case it’s wrong.

    • The fact that the car wash is makeshift.

    • The beautifully landscaped lawn

  2. denny

    Ar first I couldn’t tell if they were advertising business for actual “dirty ladies”. I love it when one can find signs that have a dozen hidden meanings! You don’t need to master anything Kent, I think the quality and kitsch of this photo is tops! Next time I run across a “dirty girl” at school, I’ll send her to this place! I wonder if there is a special time of the day when they wash dirty girls! I have become a real pain in the ass with my camera lately. I’m always pulling over! Snap away Kent!

  3. Mark Blackwell

    this is quite interesting because traditionally a car wash that advertises and/or promotes anything regarding the subject of gender is a car wash that features scantily clad car-washing women who will supposedly attract male car owners (as evidenced in numerous carl’s-jr.-type television commercials). is this a reversal of that trend – i.e. does this “for women only” car wash feature only male car-washers? or perhaps this entire operation only involves women – i.e. both women customers and women car-washers?

    your photography, by the way, detroitkent, is lovely – do not underestimate the power of kitsch to make up for and/or transcend traditional photographic compositional issues…