6 Responses to “Baby Beatniks from 1961”

  1. Allee Willis

    I awarded this a CertifiKitsch because if that’s the closest that anyone in Toronto could get to Beatnik fashion in 1961 the photo editor at The Star Weekly either must have been drinking, related to these kids or be appalled by Beatniks. The only thing even remotely Beatnik-like is that patch of fuzz on the boy’s chin. But even that should have been cut down to 1/8 of its size and just been a precise little goatee. The sunglasses, mommy’s most expensive, would have never been worn by any self-respecting Beatnik. The little girl does have a black sweater and straight long hair so that helps. And I will say that they both have good attitude in the photo. But aside from that, mommy was very lazy doing her Beatnik research. I’m still putting money down that the kids were somehow related to the photo editor.

  2. denny

    Actually this came out in a Toronto newspaper but this picture is from Australia, or at least the kids are. How these 2 kids ended up in a Toronto newspaper is beyond me.