cat figurines

Submitted by leebamarks March 20th, 2010

My daugher painted these at Color me Mine. No they are not old but they way she painted the one on left with the spots totally gives it the kitsch factor. I keep them in the kitchen’s green house to keep me company when I wash the dishes.

2 Responses to “cat figurines”

  1. Allee Willis

    My alter ego, Bubbles the artist, threw the opening party when Color Me Mine moved its headquarters to the San Fernando Valley in 2001. So 300 of my friends came and made outrageous stuff there while I helped Bubbles make a gigantic serving platter of the building to commemorate the occasion. The photo on my website is pathetically small but you can at least squint at the platter:

    These cats are in classic poses. I love that the spotted one got all the attention in the cosmetics department and the black one didn’t even get a little mouth. Then again, I have a brother and sister from the same litter and one looks like a bucket of paint was dumped on her and the other is as solid as a gray flannel suit.

  2. denny

    Very cool. I used to go to “Color Me Mine” on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. It was great fun! I love how the one cats feet are a rust color!