9 Responses to “Charles Camilleri “Spectacular Accordions” in Super Stereo”

  1. Allee Willis

    Accordions have always been an exalted instrument of Kitsch.

    I like the early Photoshop job of the gal mounting the accordion. She looks amazingly happy perched atop the side with keys, buttons, handles and such positioned under her privates.

    Is this a group of accordion players or one guy showing off all his instruments?

  2. denny

    I have an accordion in the basement (my spouse used to play it) and it’s a beautiful instrument. Didn’t even think to photograph it but what I might do is drag it out and sit on it and hope that I too can become as happy as this lady. I don’t wear full body stockings though.

  3. Douglas Wood

    LOVE this cover, especially the pose of the woman who looks simultaneously sensuous and slightly uncomfortable. Again, I must mention, a lot of your covers seem to cross over into David Lynch territory.

  4. denny

    I just photographed the accordion I found in my Father in-laws basement (we live with him and take care of him as he has Parkinson’s) and he thinks I am nutty as hell. I did try sitting on the accordion as well and it didn’t quite work. Wait til you see the actual accordion, it’s a beautiful instrument and I photographed it for the Kitschenette. Post to appear soon.