Mah Jongg – THE game of the 50’s

Submitted by MyFunCloset March 22nd, 2010

Not only is the game Mah Jongg kitsch, but so is the ritual of my Mom and her friends meeting each week along with thousands of others women from coast to coast playing in the 1950’s. This is what that square card table was for in our home. In the 60s, many of the Moms went to work and the game was put away until the ladies retired decades later. Sad thing is, Mom sold the best bakelite tile set and replaced it with this set because the rules changed in the game. To the left in the box in the one lone original tile I cherish because that was from her original set. I have yet to ever play a game of Mah Jongg.

One Response to “Mah Jongg – THE game of the 50’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t remember my mom having a thing for this game but I know it was THE game among women in the 50’s. So great that you have the one little tile from your mom’s original set.

    I never learned how to play this but I loved loved loved the sound the little bakeolite tiles made when they clacked together. It was the only thing that made me want to learn how to play the game. But I never had patience to learn anything when it came to the games. I never really even got Monopoly down. Too many rules, too much strategy. I need to be freeform and spontaneous . But all the little pieces and the fact that they had a leather case to go in always made me look for a set though to this day I haven’t found one that was complete and cheap.