Miss America Presents A Collectors Album

Submitted by denny March 23rd, 2010

Ladies and Gerntlmen……let me introduce Miss Nancy Anne Fleming (Miss America 1961). I about fell over when I found this on a recent thrift shop expedition with Mom in the Philly burbs. Columbia Record Production (a custom series of columbia records). The actual vinyl is gone but this cover just sends me and I think is the best part about this lp!

Purchased for 50 cents.

3 Responses to “Miss America Presents A Collectors Album”

  1. Allee Willis

    I totally remember cheering for Ms. Fleming during the 1961 telecast. I was ecstatic she won being a Michigander.

    What I love most is that Columbia used such a flimsy excuse to repackage B sides from their artists. As I remember, Nancy Ann’s talent wasn’t even music related.