4 Responses to “Music To Make Housework Easier LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Nothing makes housework easier unless you love doing housework.

    I love that she’s propped up on a kitchen counter that’s too small for anyone to be sitting in that pose. I love the things strategically placed on the counter. I love how messy the cord to the coffee pot is. It looks like that’s the only thing left in this kitchen to clean up. And while she’s lighting her cigarette I’m sure that that iron is about to set her knee on fire.

    What on earth is sitting on the ironing board? Certainly nothing that she has any hopes of ironing flat. Unless this music so inspires her that she’ll flatten it no matter what it takes.

  2. denny

    I think what is sitting on the iron is an already ironed pile of shirts. I used to pride myself on being an expert ironer! Then one day i was like “do I really need to iron”?! I haven’t owned an iron in years, well except for the 1930’s Sunbeam iron I have sitting on a shelf in my living room. If she moves one more inch forward she’ll be on her butt!

  3. Mark Milligan

    Wow this is so much like our kitchen when I was growing up! Dye her hair raven black, put some stretch pants on her with the loops that go around your feet, and it is my Mom right down to being small enough to sit on the counter, and she would have if it struck her fancy. A quick viceroy and then on her way to a Michigan rummy game with the girls.

  4. denny

    What I also love about the Kitschenette are all of our stories about our families. I think that’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! I remember my Mom wearing polyester, stretchy headbands, and loafers and a good romance novel by her side. Thanks Mark!