9 Responses to “John Bult “Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday” lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I stumbled on this album cover a few years ago. it still stumps me as to what’s really going on here.

    First of all, John Bult looks like the illegitimate son of Abe Lincoln and a leprechaun.

    Julie looks a little long in the tooth for 16.

    Is Julie Bult’s daughter who he’s counseling on her “16th” birthday or is it the Jerry Lee Lewis syndrome and he’s trying to talk her into becoming a woman on her birthday?

  2. denny

    It does creep me out. I found this:


    Hi Nick,
    I’m in Clearwater, FL now but I’m originally from Lake Charles Louisiana. To give you a little more information on my ole fishin’ buddy John Bult. John is just one good ole boy….he is a painter…not an artist like a house painter, he specializes in doing the insides of rich folks homes…he can sure talk…he sepnds most of the day talking his mile long lines of bs and very little time painting.

    John drives and old El Camino that has been in his family forever, he brings the ole guitar to crawfish boils etc. and passes a good time. He is real henpecked and doesn’t go far from his wife Tavey’s reach. John comes from a great family of down to earth people and you’ll never find anyne as good and down to earth as John Bult is. John had been to the Opry and the Louisiana Hayride and has a room full of his old claim to fame. Sometimes I miss hearing ole John just ramble on…besides that album John does a bunch of fun and fuuny songs and is very talented. John is just an hometown boy.

    Have a Great Day and Stay Cool,
    T.A. “Tate” Williams

  3. OlderFriend

    I’ve seen this album bashed for several years, and, as an older friend, I feel I should attempt some defense. I knew John well back then, and probably have more reason than anyone to bash him. However, the girl in the picture is his niece (one of Kenny’s daughters). He was attempting to look like her father and she was trying to look like his daughter. Their inability to pull the image off is the album cover everyone finds so distasteful. But, don’t let the fake photo fool you. John could sing and play a 12 string guitar better than most. The album was his one shot at fame. I supposed he was only a Merle Haggard wannabe. But we were too young and (most of the time) too drunk to care, so we loved him for keeping us entertained. Here’s to you, old friend. You were a fairly decent guy in our day.

  4. denny


    Thanks Older Friend. I love info and stories like this.

    Sounds like your a decent guy too Older Friend.

    Welcome to awmok.com.