3 Responses to “Huge Wooden Shoe Display”

  1. denny

    Holy crap! Tin toys are some of my favorite things but this shoe makes me nuts as it reminds me of the “Incredible Shrinking Man” or “Lilly Tomlin’s, “Incredible Shrinking Woman”. Did they have any toys sitting on this shoe at one point? I can’t imagine Superman being perched on a high heel! I love this and would most likely display this in my house if I owned it. More please.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    without reading the provided measurements, the perspective on this is mindblowing if you stare at it a while… is is a giant shoe and some somewhat small tin toys? or is it a regular sized shoe and therefore very tiny tin toys? and why does the superman-esque figure tower so high over the marching band? and what is the black badminton-looking cone thing in front of the shoe? i agree with denny as well – it seems that some of the toys should have been positioned strategically along the tiers of the shoe – the marching band would’ve worked well in that sense. and if this is the miami toy show, what does a high heeled shoe have to do with anything? so many questions…i too would like to see more…